Durgai Amman koil – Temples at Sembakkam

Do you want to visit one of the oldest Durgaiamman temples in Sembakkam? You have to visit the Arulmigu Sri Ashtathasabuja Mahalakshmi Dhurgambiga temple in Durga Colony.


Established in 1965, it was a small temple under peepal tree by then. It was accompanied by Lord Saneeshwara temple and Lord Vinayagar temples. The present temple was Consecrated in February-1992.

Durga pooja is celebrated grandly in this temple. This is the favourite place for the senior citizen around, to group together and spend their evenings devotionally. This is a good peaceful place for prayer.

The temple also has shrines of Pillayar, Perumal, Ayyappan. Anjaneyar, Bhramma, Navagraham around the main shrine. The peepal tree still exists behind the temple premises.

The main challenges in this temple are, the lack of space in and out of the temple. Minimum 20 people are enough to make the temple look crowded and you wont find space to sit and meditate. On the other hand, there is no sufficient roadside parking space outside. Also, the floor are always oily due to people lighting oil lamps near each shrines around. If these are organised properly, then this temple can become a awesome place to visit.

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