Mayan arts and potteries – Organic living in Sembakkam

Are you a health-conscious person willing to get back to Organic living.  Mayan arts and potteries – helps you to take the first step of it with clay cookware and earthen kitchenwares.

mayan Potteries


The clay-ware were an intrinsic part of the Indian household. In olden days earthenware was used for cooking purposes and storing water since it keeps the water cool. Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralising the pH balance of the food. Foods that are naturally acidic will acquire some natural sweetness. Acids in foods like tomatoes, when cooked in earthen pots, give the food a wonderful taste.

arasu baskar
Arasu Baskar

Being a Fine arts Graduate in Ceramic, Arasu Baskar left his animation job for his passion for organic living and started manufacturing Clay cookware. “We use a mix of 4 kinds of clays – Clay from the riverbed, from the lake, white clay and Feldspar used to withstand the high temperatures while cooking,” says Arasu. His shop has different kinds of cookware like Kadai, Idly cooker set, tea-pots and cups etc. They also make other kitchenwares like the water filter, clay refrigerator etc.


Along with Mr.Arasu, his wife Mrs.Gomathi also taking care of the shop. “We started initially with selling organic food grains. Along with that, we were selling a few terracotta item. With the growing demand for organic food, the demand for clay cookware has also increased. So we have expanded out cookware productions and set up a complete clay and terracotta shop cookware at Kamarajapuram. Though we are also supplying organic products through our friends if customer demands” says she.

Apart from these, Arasu also sells terracotta statues and idols of God here. The Navarathri special Golu dolls are selling like hot cakes this month. He sells all varieties of traditional dolls made by his own team of potters to ensure consistently good quality goods.

Shortly he is also planning to start pottery classes for kids and adults. Explaining the health benefits of clay. he says “playing with clay with bare hands absorbs our excess body heat and give a cooling effect. Siddhars have also recommended tying clay balls around the belly button to balance the body heat.”

In spite of the increasing cost of clay (due to TN government ban on soil mining in Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur), he sells his products at a very nominal cost only. His efforts to save an endangered art in India is commendable.

For more details 9962807914. You can also visit their website.

Address: #129, Velachery Main Road, Kamarajapuram, Sembakkam, Chennai-73. Landmark: Behind Kamarajapuram Bus stop.

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Do you really encourage creativity of your Kid?

If you are a parent of kid less than 8 years then you must read this post. Do you think you really encourage the creativity of your kid? Last time when your kid scribbled on the wall, did you admire it or you got irritated?


If you have really admired and encouraged your kid to scribble more, it will boost his/her creativity a lot. What stops you from encouraging your kid? Is it the concern about the repainting the wall?

A Chennai based publisher called Magicbox have found a solution for this. They have created a colouring roll of 7 feet long which you can stick on the wall and let you kid paint with Crayons.


That’s not all. Install Inkmeo App on your Android or iOS mobile and scan the chart using the App. You’ll see the magic. Yes. You can see the animated colourful images of the characters in the chart popping out from the chart.


Click Here to Buy

To know how to install and use, watch this video.

How to install InkMeo

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e-tutoring Jobs – Jobs in Sembakkam

Are you a graduate with passion in teaching field and open to work in night shifts? There is an excellent job opportunity to work as an e-Tutor and get handsome income at Sembakkam from ACME Edusoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Etutoring in Sembakkam
Designed by Pressfoto / Freepik

Founded by Mr.Kannan, ACME is one of the leading education and training company offering a range of services that include creating educational and training content of global relevance. With the mission to provide world-class tutoring and high-quality education to students around the world, they have been providing quality education with the help of a team of highly skilled and qualified tutors.

For its new upcoming project based on US clients, ACME is hiring Tutors for Accountancy, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer science. The selected candidates will be expected to teach to U.S students (level: College-intro) using a non-voice i.e. chat based virtual platform.

Candidates who are willing to join need to undergo three screening tests to get qualified:

  1. Subject Test
  2. Typing Test
  3. Language Proficiency Test

Interview will be conducted in the following venue.

VENUE: Aspire Learning Company Pvt. Ltd,  Ground Floor, #23 Archana apartments, Sarangapani Street, T.Nagar 600017

CONTACT: Kannan. R (8608823451, 9884107668)


Walk-in days: Monday – Saturday

Job location: Sembakkam.

For more details visit

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Durgai Amman koil – Temples at Sembakkam

Do you want to visit one of the oldest Durgaiamman temples in Sembakkam? You have to visit the Arulmigu Sri Ashtathasabuja Mahalakshmi Dhurgambiga temple in Durga Colony.


Established in 1965, it was a small temple under peepal tree by then. It was accompanied by Lord Saneeshwara temple and Lord Vinayagar temples. The present temple was Consecrated in February-1992.

Durga pooja is celebrated grandly in this temple. This is the favourite place for the senior citizen around, to group together and spend their evenings devotionally. This is a good peaceful place for prayer.

The temple also has shrines of Pillayar, Perumal, Ayyappan. Anjaneyar, Bhramma, Navagraham around the main shrine. The peepal tree still exists behind the temple premises.

The main challenges in this temple are, the lack of space in and out of the temple. Minimum 20 people are enough to make the temple look crowded and you wont find space to sit and meditate. On the other hand, there is no sufficient roadside parking space outside. Also, the floor are always oily due to people lighting oil lamps near each shrines around. If these are organised properly, then this temple can become a awesome place to visit.

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