Do you really encourage creativity of your Kid?

If you are a parent of kid less than 8 years then you must read this post. Do you think you really encourage the creativity of your kid? Last time when your kid scribbled on the wall, did you admire it or you got irritated?


If you have really admired and encouraged your kid to scribble more, it will boost his/her creativity a lot. What stops you from encouraging your kid? Is it the concern about the repainting the wall?

A Chennai based publisher called Magicbox have found a solution for this. They have created a colouring roll of 7 feet long which you can stick on the wall and let you kid paint with Crayons.


That’s not all. Install Inkmeo App on your Android or iOS mobile and scan the chart using the App. You’ll see the magic. Yes. You can see the animated colourful images of the characters in the chart popping out from the chart.


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To know how to install and use, watch this video.

How to install InkMeo

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